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Daily Health Observation/OSHA

Objective: Components of daily health checks for children using the Virginia Department of Health standards. Participants learn how infectious diseases are spread, perform daily health assessments on children and identify signs and symptoms of contagious diseases in children to exclude them if necessary to prevent the spread of disease. OSHA requirements for health and safety practices for childcare staff are included in this training. Identify cause and reduction of potential disease spread. Virginia Dept. of Health Notification of Reportable Diseases. Immunizations and Standard Precautions. Scenario questions and answers and practice session. Handouts on important web sites & Communicable Disease Reference Chart. Common childhood diseases: symptoms, pictures of cases, & state recommendations. Interactive class using Power Point Presentation and discussion.

Course length: 2 hours Class Size: Limited to 50 participants Fee: $40/staff or a group rate of $350/25 and group of 26-50 participants $400 plus 3 % credit card processing fee. No refunds. Register for a class to complete registration!  I will then email you with availability. If room in class then return to : 2)Pay

Student’s Name

  or pay using Venmo to @Jill-Durand or Square pay $42/pp or a group rate of $309 and $360/50. No refunds. to Jill Durand or https://squareup.com/i/8F32A141   Pay with Cheddar Up

Schedule: Monday’s at 6 PM with appointments in Henrico or I also have classes available at Urbanna, VA. Please ask for dates if interested. Training also available in your school for a full class. (Please confirm class is not full by emailing jilldpill@live.com before paying!

Certification: 3 years

Excellent Resources:”Managing Infectious Diseases in Child Care and Schools ” 2nd Edition &

Bright Futures 3rd Edition

Only the DIRECTOR needs to read and sign “Letter of Agreement” annually and have a copy of the Exposure Control Plan & Sign off their their staff has completed checklist:

2018 Checklist Prior to Class

NEW Read and Sign Letter of Agreement_

but students do need the rest of the handouts printed out and reviewed and brought to class:

Pre-Class Checklist

  1. Make sure your spot is paid for to secure your registration. Do not arrive unannounced. Up to 50 allowed per class.Only school administration needs to read and sign “Letter of Agreement” annually and make sure I have one on file for your school.
  2. Make sure that everyone has printed Directions_Home_Theater if that is where class is being held and you MUST CARPOOL. Doors lock when class starts. Try to get there 15 minutes early to register.
  3. You may bring food and drink as long as food is not crunchy and noisy and drink does not spill.
  4. Bring a pencil to take notes.
  5. List of student’s names (spelled correctly) & their emails for their certificates.
  6. Print out and review attachments and bring to class to discuss.

Contact Medicert LLC to schedule your staff training please double check that I received your info by emailing jilldpill@live.com