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Emergency Medication Administration:

The EMAT course trains providers in licensed or regulated child day programs and in private schools accredited by the Virginia Council for Private Education who do not ordinarily administer medications but who supervise children who might need either an emergency injection of epinephrine using an auto-injector device (EpiPen®) and/or need Benadryl and inhalers to children in their setting. The EMAT must be taught by an approved MAT Trainer.There is no graded written test but you will be tested on performing a skills demo on giving an epi pen and giving oral benadryl either by medicine cup, syringe or dosing spoon.


Part 1 is a free web-based training module to get started go to:  


then click on

EMAT PART 1-for 2017

Course length: 2.5-3 hours

Class Size: limited to 8 participants

Fee: $75/per person. No refunds.

EMAT Books: $15 each (optional)

Certification: 3 years to administer (EpiPen®) and/or Benadryl and inhalers in a child care setting

Schedule: Mondays classes offered at 3PM and 6 PM with appointment

Post Completion of Part 2: You may return to where you registered for part 1 and register the Auvi-Q course and print out that certificate allowing you to give Auvi-Q also.

Register for a class  here for desired time slot for part 2 to complete registration 
pay below!  


Student’s Name



USE VENMO app or Square and pay $78 for EMAT class &/or $15 for handouts to Jill Durand





EMAT HANDOUTS: will be provided for $15.00. May pick up on front porch of 12232 Valleybrook Dr. Henrico, VA 23233 in advance or may download for review without printing then day of pick up your paid for book in class. Bring a binder.

Student’s Name


Checklist Prior To Coming To Class:

1. Registered and paid above

2.  Prerequisite:  BRING PROOF TO CLASS OF: EMAT part 1 (valid for 6 months from date taken), current CPR and First Aid (valid for 2 years from date taken)

3. Do I have EMAT handouts? If not they are available for purchase for $15.00

4. Does Medicert have  “Letter-of-Agreement 2014” that has been signed by Director, Assistant or Owner

If all of these are complete then I really look forward to seeing you. If it is not complete then you may be in jeopardy of being sent home or losing your spot.


Additional Information:

Contact Medicert LLC if you have not received confirmation. I also have classes available in  Urbanna, VA. Please ask for dates if interested.


EPIPen Class:

This course covers ONLY the EpiPen.

Classroom only training which includes video instruction, hands-on practice and graded skill demonstration.

1. At least 18 years of age
2. Able to read and write in English
3. Proof of current certification in CPR and First Aid

Rate: $35

Handouts Included

Certificate valid for 3 years

Maximum class size: Min. class of 10 or Max of 16 participants

This class is scheduled only for groups of 12-16 via an appointment. Regarding MAT requirements for training for providers who need to administer epinephrine auto-injectors other than EpiPen: Providers are permitted to administer any epinephrine auto-injector if they hold a valid MAT, MAT Renewal, EMAT, or EpiPen Certificate, after they also receive child-specific training in the specific auto-injector that they will be administering to that child. This additional training can be any training that the parents and the child’s healthcare provider agree is sufficient to prepare the provider to safely administer that auto-injector to that child. Examples can include product videos or a demonstration by the parent or healthcare provider. It is not the role of the MAT Program to determine whether this additional child-specific training is sufficient – this is determined by the parent and the child’s healthcare provider. Show proof of this training by using the Special Health Care Needs form describing what training was provided. Auvi Q online class will be provided online again Oct. 31, 2017 on https://mat-elearning.medhomeplus.org. You can take that course and then print out that certificate as long as you also hold an EMAT/EPI-PEN/MATIS or MAT RENEWAL Certificate.